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Adoption Process

Adopt-A-Pet does not euthanize animals to make room for others, so an active adoption program is very important. 

For each animal we adopt, one more can be rescued.

Most of our animals come from the Victoria City/County Animal Shelter although some are strays or owner released animals. All of our pets pass a strict health check and are started on the necessities during their stay.

Dogs are spayed/neutered before being adopted and each dog is given a topical flea prevention. They are microchipped, dewormed and receive two (or more) Distemper/Parvo vaccinations. Their rabies vaccination is also given. All dogs are tested for heartworms and are started on a monthly heartworm preventative program. Dogs that are found to be heartworm positive are put through heartworm treatment during their time at our shelter. Dogs must go home with a collar and a leash so we can put their tags on, we do not provide these you must bring your own.

Cats are also spayed/neutered before being adopted, and are tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS (a cat strain, not related to human AIDS) and are given two (or more) Distemper/Leukemia vaccinations. All cats have a topical flea prevention applied and are microchipped. They are also dewormed and are given their rabies vaccination. Cats MUST go home in a pet carrier, NO exeptions. We do not provide these, you must bring your own.

Adoption fees are:

Total fee for dogs = $100   Total fee for cats = $80  

You will receive a copy of your pet's health record when you adopt. 

A state law requires shelters in larger communities to microchip or tattoo any animal during spaying or neutering. Adopt-A-Pet chooses to microchip pets using a chip from 24PetWatch. The microchip fee also includes registration with 24PetWatch which is done at the time of adoption.

All adopters must go through an interview process before being allowed to take home a new pet. We are not a pet shop; we are an adoption agency. We want our pets to remain in their new homes for the rest of their lives.  We will do our best to help you find the right pet for your family and your household living situation. Please be aware that you must be willing and able to come to our shelter in Victoria, Texas to complete an adoption. We do reserve the right to refuse service.